2018 Annual Meeting

Just a reminder that the annual Glacier Ranch Homeowner’s Association annual meeting will be held Thursday June 21 at 7:00 pm at the clubhouse.  Please feel free to bring a chair as there may not be enough to go around. See you there!

HOA Dues-Electronic Debit Authorization

For your convenience, you now have the choice to manage your HOA payments electronically.   The link for the electronic debit authorization form is linked below and can also be found under the “Documents” tab of this site.  If you choose, you can return this form to Mary at Prestige Real Estate Management, and she will complete the process.

Electronic Debit Authorization Form

2017 Annual Meeting

Thank you all for attending the annual meeting.  Below you will find a copy of the minutes.  Please feel welcome to comment on this post if you have anything you wish to contribute.

2017 Annual Meeting Minutes

Stage 2 Fire Restrictions

Unfortunately, the Flathead valley is experiencing another hot and dry summer.  Consequently, fire danger in the area is extreme at the moment, and residents have been asked to abide by Stage 2 fire restrictions.  Many of us have fire pits in the neighborhood, so please remember we are prohibited from enjoying them for now.  Below you will find additional information and a copy of the restrictions.  Stay safe!


Flathead County Stage 2 Fire Restrictions

Rules and Regulations

The Glacier Ranch Homeowners Association Board has recently approved rules and regulations.  A copy can be found below as well as under the documents tab on this site.  Persistent, unresolved issues regarding these can be addressed in writing to

Mary Ernsperger

Prestige Real Estate Management

(406) 885-6730


Rules and Regulations



As we all know, mosquitoes have decided they too enjoy living in Glacier Ranch through the summer.  To help keep your families and neighbors safe and comfortable, we ask that each home owner does their part to help control the problem.

  • Find and remove any puddles of water or standing water around your home to reduce breeding sites.
  • Wipe out your bird-bath every few days. The eggs can get stuck to the bottom and survive dry periods.
  • Maintain your children’s swimming pool to prevent mosquito breeding.
  • Maintain tall grasses and keep ditches in front of your home as mowed as possible.

Efforts are being made to mow down as much of the long common area grasses as possible, and the county is planning on targeted spraying operations as weather permits. Hopefully with everyone’s effort, we can make this summer more healthy for everyone.  If you would like more news, information and announcements regarding spraying, visit  Flathead County Health-Mosquito Control